Atherton Minibus Hire

We recognize the tastes of different people and hence have a large variety from which you can choose your vehicles. Irrespective of your vehicles, we give you the facility of self driving or with a driver. If you’re new in town we will advise you to opt for driver considering our minibus hire services facilitate you with the top most drivers of the town having the most exquisite knowledge of the towns’ shortcut and driving skills like no other. However if you want a pinch of privacy and time alone with your loved ones than self-drive option is what you should avail. The plethora of minibuses will ensure that you choose the most appropriate vehicles that range from 8seater to 18 seater accordingly with your company. We would be honored to get you aboard!




Atherton Minibus Hire endows you with these kinds of brilliant mini-buses to your family. 8-12 seat minibus is much suggested for relatives to take pleasure in a nice family day or a far holiday to unwind and take off pressure. 14 seat minibuses are suggested for the whole family to enjoy the escape that you prepare for a birthday or a celebration. 16 seat minibus is mostly the top selection not only it has many accommodative facilities but the space of it will let the family and relatives feel tranquility for its roomy design so for the extra extended trip that you people will take hence this 16 seat minibus is the superlative option for the day out experience you’ve been waiting for.


Atherton Minibus Hire doesn’t only provide 3 categories of minibus. They also offer those lengthy bus sightseer uses. The 24 seat mini coach excellent for little to intermediate sized traveler and accommodate extra space for luggage. Our fleet in Atherton Manchester  - Lancashire the wigan area   include 8 seater minibus 10 seater minibus or 9 seater with luggage 12 seater minibus also can carry 13 14 seater minibus 16 seater to 15 seater with lugagge minibus 24 seater minibus and a 33 seater minibus and mini in Manchester


This reputation of Atherton Minibus hire is the mixture of our outstanding fleet and our meticulous staff. The staff itself is very resolute and loyal to the cause of prioritizing the needs of the customers over any other profit-oriented matter. The 24/7 service provides exceptionally efficient and has made our customer database filled with wonderful remarks. 

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8 Seater Minibus Atherton - Carrys 8 passengers and 8 suitcases

10 Seater Minibus Atherton - Carrys 10 Passengers and 10 suitcases and Hand Baggage

11 Seater Minibus Atherton - Carrys 11 Passengers and 11 suitcases and Hand Baggage

12 Seater Minibus Atherton - Carrys 12 Passengers and 12 suitcases and Hand Baggage

13 Seater Minibus Atherton - Carrys 13 Passengers and 13 suitcases and Hand Baggage

14 Seater Minibus Atherton - Carrys 14 Passengers and 14 suitcases and Hand Baggage

15 Seater Minibus Atherton - Carrys 15 Passengers and 15 suitcases and Hand Baggage

16 Seater Minibus Atherton - Carrys 16 Passengers and 16 suitcases and Hand Baggage