Manchester 10 seater Minibus Hire


Our 10 Seater Minibus Ford Transit is ideal for larger groups and very convenient for 8 or 9 passengers and luggage for airport transfers. Even though it's the end of summer and vacations are almost over for the kids, why not do something special for one day.

We at the Manchester Minibus Hire can always be of service, from seeing historical sites and famous football grounds in Manchester Old Trafford Manchester United FC and minibus to Etihad Stadium Manchester City new football ground.

Even though you had your plans to go for a trip does your vehicle have enough space for your entire family Want to go out but those things require extra load space including your luggage for manchester Airport Transfers for the trip. Why not hire us at Manchester Minibus Hire for your trips transportation, we offer only the best vehicle we only at the Manchester Coach Hire for you. For one family usage we offer our 10 seat minibus for your transportation, not only does it have spacious interior but the capacity of the vehicle can really take up the whole family. We at the Manchester Minibus Hire don't stop at spacious interiors, we also have our vehicles fully maintained from AC condition to the performance of the vehicle, and it feels like you've just rented a brand new vehicle. Not only that we at the Manchester Minibus Hire we only hire professional drivers to support you in your trips, not only they are street navigation wise but also destination wise. Nowadays it's a hassle to prepare two cars for the trip but with our 10 seat minibus you can save up to 25% more for our services plus we can take you to any destination the United Kingdom can offer. We at the Manchester Coach Hire only the best and quality service to our clients providing our vehicles with well maintained vehicles, spacious interiors, professional drives, VOSA registered vehicles, and perfect destination places for the whole family.

We at the Manchester Minibus Hire can be contacted from anytime, anywhere for our 24 hour/ 7 day a week on 0161 850 0696 services so registering with us won't be a hassle. Speaking of vehicles, some vehicles for hire have noisy engines and spreading out bad exhaust fumes in the air. Our vehicles in the Manchester Coach Hire are well maintained for its clean engine and clean exhaust pipe not only we care for our clients but also for the environment. Our main priority in our business is only the safety of our clients making your trip enjoyable and safe.

8 Seater Minibus - Carrys 8 passengers and 8 suitcases

10 Seater Minibus- Carrys 10 Passengers and 10 suitcases and Hand Baggage

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12 Seater Minibus - Carrys 12 Passengers and 12 suitcases and Hand Baggage

13 Seater Minibus- Carrys 13 Passengers and 13 suitcases and Hand Baggage

14 Seater Minibus - Carrys 14 Passengers and 14 suitcases and Hand Baggage

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16 Seater Minibus - Carrys 16 Passengers and 16 suitcases and Hand Baggage